About Us


SeaFiesta is a subsidiary of Coastline Trading, which has been involved in international trading and export of seafood for over 25 years. SeaFiesta was launched on February 2017 at the Karachi Literature Festival, and an exclusive seafood outlet was opened in Defence phase 5 on February 17, 2017. The core pillars of SeaFiesta are: Hygienic, convenient and Chemical-free seafood.We aim to fulfill the needs of the seafood loving Karachites, who crave good quality seafood but don’t always have access to it.


SeaFiesta provides a variety of seafood products, that are free from phosphates, Sulphites and MSG. Using only export quality goods. All products are cut, cleaned and neatly packed ready for cooking. SeaFiesta offers all types of Pan-ready, frozen and chilled fish Shrimps/prawns, lobsters and crabs. We also have a range of ready-to-cook products; Panko-crusted prawns and fish fillets. We will soon be introducing a range of marinated fish and shrimps/prawns.

Stir fried prawns covered in fiery chilli sauce, battered fish fried to golden perfection or grilled lobster tails drenched in luscious garlic butter; makes for an enticing and delicious dining experience. All of which can be easily prepared in the comfort of your home. Create the ‘Wow’ element to any meal or party thanks to Seafiesta Seafood Products. We, at Seafiesta, make seafood accessible and convenient to prepare and enjoy. We offers all types of pan-ready frozen and chilled fish, shrimp, lobster and crab. All products are cleaned and cut in cooking-friendly styles, neatly packed and stored in optimum temperature in freezers and chillers. One of our favourites is the ready-to-cook Panko-Crusted Shrimp and Fish Fillets in Cracked Black Pepper. A must have when unexpected guests drop by.



We take orders for fresh fish for next day delivery, all neatly packed and stored in chillers to preserve the taste and texture of the seafood. Home delivery of fresh seafood and our other products to your door steps is also available. Just call, sms or email us the name of product, style- cut, and quantity required. So keep our numbers handy or visit our outlet, conveniently located in Khadda Market, Phase.5, D.H.A. Karachi.